👈 Our challenge included:

  • ​Going vegan or vegetarian (why?)
  • Only drinking out of reusable containers
  • ​​Only drinking water
  • Only using natural beauty & vanity products
  • ​Only using reusable shopping bags
  • ​Only buying second-hand
  • Only eating home-cooked meals

You can do any or all of these challenges too! Post on social media and let us know, so we can re-share!

​On set, we separate between recycling, compost, and trash whenever possible.

Even when we are not on set, we challenge each other to live as low-impact as possible.

👉 To the right is a featurette of our team having a beach cleanup competition! Check it out to see who dominated in the cast vs. crew challenge!

👇 Below is a featurette showing how well the cast and crew stacked up in a one-week challenge of actively making more eco-friendly choices.







The cast and crew bring their own reusable water bottles to set. Whenever possible, contingent on location, we also bring reusable cutlery and plates. We bring our water to set in a 5-gallon container, which we refill with filtered water every day!

Recycle ♻ Refill ♻ Reuse ♻ Reduce

We opt for vegan / vegetarian lunches whenever possible, and purchase snack options that have as little plastic packaging as possible. We are also paperless, and use tablets to fill out all forms and sheets in production!

OUR Choices ON SET


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As mentioned, we reuse our bottles, utensils, and water container. We also reuse lighting tools, such as gels and black wrap, and we return or recycle any production design we're done using, instead of discarding it.