Save the Mermaids is supporting us in producing Life as a Mermaid episodes and eco-friendly featurettes! To navigate to their website, click the logo on the left!

Save the Mermaids is a nonprofit organization. They help spread the word about how everyone can do their part for taking care of our oceans and its inhabitants, for example by going plastic-free, cleaning up the beach, buying local, etc.

Season 3 is produced in collaboration with Red Varden Studios, a 21st century content and talent driven company based in Los Angeles and founded by Hollywood veteran Zig Gauthier

Red Varden Studios currently produces television, film and digital content for multiple platforms, in addition to managing countless brand and content collaborations.

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Directed by

Julia Alexa Miller



Associate Producers

Ethan More

Miranda Sundermann​

Season 1 & 2 were produced by our production company, Validus Productions LLC. To navigate to our website, click the logo on the left!

Validus is a collective of young producers sharing a workload and knowledge base for maximum efficiency. Together, we have produced short films, music videos, commercials, and specs, and are very excited to be working on "Life as a Mermaid" together since October 2015.

Executive Producers

Julia Alexa Miller

Zig Gauthier


RED Varden Studios

Written by

Holden Weihs

Yale Alex Apter

Ryan O'Donnell

Kaitlyn Hutchins

Season 3 TEAM

Validus Productions © 2016

Produced by

Chad Narducci

Yale Alex Apter

Marcella Di Pasquale

Julia Alexa Miller

Holden Weihs

Studio71 is the multi-channel network we are proud to be partnered with! To navigate to their website click the logo on the right!

Studio71 also represents creators such as Good Mythical Morning, Rclbeauty101, IISuperwomanII, Roman Atwood, Shay Mitchell, The Rock, and many more.​ They support us in content strategy and optimization as well as ​production, sales, social media, and distribution.